4 th ICHO, 1972

General information
Soviet Union, Moscow, July 1 – July 10,
Number of participating countries: 7
Gold medals: 0
Silver medals: 0
Bronze medals: 0
Honorable mentions: 0
Participants: 25
Individual results
ContestantOriginal scriptCountryRankAward
Vjacheslav Zagorskiy Вячеслав Загорский Soviet Union Participant
Brzózka Zbigniew Brzózka Zbigniew Poland 2 2nd Prize
Gonet Maciej Gonet Maciej Poland 3 3rd Prize
Vladimir Avdejev Владимир Авдеев Soviet Union Participant
Petr Gebauer Petr Gebauer Czechoslovakia Participant
Sergey Tolkachov Сергей Толкачов Soviet Union Participant
Tamás Borlay Borlay Tamás Hungary Participant
Anatolij Sergeykin Анатолий Сергейкин Soviet Union Participant
István Jalsovszky Jalsovszky István Hungary Participant
László Daruházi Daruházi László Hungary Participant
Reinhard Badstübner Reinhard Badstübner German Democratic Republic Participant
Witold Danikiewicz Witold Danikiewicz Poland Participant
Jaromir Kukal Jaromir Kukal Czechoslovakia Participant
Mihail Atanasov Михаил Атанасов Bulgaria Participant
Serban Sgarcitu Serban Sgarcitu Romania Participant
Plamen Jankulov Пламен Янкулов Bulgaria Participant
Iftimie Nesfantu Iftimie Nesfantu Romania Participant
László Kawka Kawka László Hungary Participant
Andreas Richter Andreas Richter German Democratic Republic Participant
Marek Kosmulski Marek Kosmulski Poland Participant
Hristo Hristov Христо Христов Bulgaria Participant
Heiner Bittrich Heiner Bittrich German Democratic Republic Participant
Mihai Jusut Mihai Jusut Romania Participant
Petr Duchek Petr Duchek Czechoslovakia Participant
Ondrej Divinsky Ondrej Divinsky Czechoslovakia Participant
Sonya Petrova Соня Петрова Bulgaria Participant
Radu Sorin Straja Radu Sorin Straja Romania Participant
Volker Weissig Volker Weißig German Democratic Republic Participant
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