Gold medals: 0, Silver medals: 7, Bronze medals: 22, Honorable mentions: 8
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 Joyton Fu Joyton Fu Hung Li 99 Silver medal
2023 Jia Chin Chin Jia Yao 176 Bronze medal
2023 Yen Tong Tong Jing Yen 232 Honorable mention
2023 Fang Ng Ng Boon Fang Participant
2022 Zhen Xuen Brandon Low 刘振轩 83 Silver medal
2022 E Rick Pua Pua E Rick 141 Bronze medal
2022 Hung Li Joyton Fu Joyton Fu Hung Li 160 Bronze medal
2022 Teh Kang Yao Teh Kang Yao Participant
2021 Lim Xu Yao Lim Xu Yao Participant
2021 Wong Yi Yang Wong Yi Yang Participant
2021 Bernie Lim Wei Yuan Bernie Lim Wei Yuan Participant
2021 Shawn Vernon Wong Siang Ray Shawn Vernon Wong Siang Ray Participant
2019 Muhammad Hakim Bin Muhamad Adzrill Muhammad Hakim Bin Muhamad Adzrill 173 Bronze medal
2019 Ting Feng Ho Hi Ting Feng 201 Honorable mention
2019 Zhan Yi Chng Chng Zhan Yi 212 Honorable mention
2019 Jie Xiang Oong Oong Jie Xiang Participant
2018 Jun Hao Tan Jun Hao Tan 56 Silver medal
2018 Ruoh Wen Cheong Ruoh Wen Cheong 102 Bronze medal
2018 Muhammad Hakim Muhamad Adzrill Muhammad H. M. Adzrill Participant
2018 Muhamad Lutfir Rahman Hamzam Muhamad Lutfir R. Hamzam Participant
2017 Tan Jun Hao Tan Jun Hao 66 Silver medal
2017 Lee Chee Hong Lee Chee Hong 185 Bronze medal
2017 Muhammad Fadzlan Md. Fadzil Muhammad Fadzlan Md. Fadzil Participant
2017 Muhamad Lutfir Rahman Hamzam Muhamad Lutfir Rahman Hamzam Participant
2016 Lin Zi Khang Lin Zi Khang 98 Bronze medal
2016 Chee Young Sie Sia Chee Ying 174 Honorable mention
2016 Amir Firdaus Eddy Rosyadie Amir Firdaus Eddy Rosyadie Participant
2016 Chien Zie Tee Chien Zie Tee Participant
2015 Jer Yong Chan Jer Yong Chan 65 Silver medal
2015 Xi Shern Tan Xi Shern Tan 156 Bronze medal
2015 Zi Khang Lin Zi Khang Lin 157 Bronze medal
2015 Jen Sheng Wong Jen Sheng Wong Participant
2014 Chan Jer Yong Chan Jer Yong 75 Silver medal
2014 Leong Sheng Yuan Leong Sheng Yuan 140 Bronze medal
2014 James Loke Wen Liang James Loke Wen Liang 156 Bronze medal
2014 Tan Ze Kai Tan Ze Kai 185 Honorable mention
2013 Jer Yong Chan Jer Yong Chan 131 Bronze medal
2013 Ziqing Liew Ziqing Liew 170 Bronze medal
2013 Yan Xiang Kong Yan Xiang Kong Participant
2013 Kah Hoe Eng Kah Hoe Eng Participant
2012 Foo Jeat Foo Jeat 156 Bronze medal
2012 Muhammad Izzuddin Rofaie Muhammad Izzuddin Rofaie Participant
2012 Kee En Kee En Participant
2012 Taufiq Noor Hisham Taufiq Noor Hisham Participant
2011 Ling Xiao Chun Ling Xiao Chun 187 Honorable mention
2011 Mohammad Hamizul Ahyaudin Mohammad Hamizul Ahyaudin Participant
2011 Wan Muhammad Afif Wan Wan Muhammad Afif Wan Participant
2011 Suganthan Chandran Suganthan Chandran Participant
2010 Yeoh Keat Hor Yeoh Keat Hor 85 Silver medal
2010 Nicholas Thong Li Jie Nicholas Thong Li Jie Participant
2010 'Atul Adibah 'Allauddin Rabi 'Atul Adibah 'Allauddin Rabi Participant
2010 Siti Fatma Hawaria Mokhtar Siti Fatma Hawaria Mokhtar Participant
2008 Goh Jun Yan Goh Jun Yan 150 Bronze medal
2008 Chai Yi Kang Chai Yi Kang 160 Bronze medal
2008 Muhamad azri Muhamad Marican Muhamad azri Muhamad Marican 172 Honorable mention
2008 Muhammad Hafiz Abdul Karim Muhammad Hafiz Abdul Karim Participant
2007 Jun Yan Goh Jun Yan Goh 102 Bronze medal
2007 Muhamad Azri Muhamad Marican Muhamad Azri Muhamad Marican 137 Bronze medal
2007 Gah Hung Lee Gah Hung Lee 138 Bronze medal
2007 Aminatulmunirah Kasim Aminatulmunirah Kasim Participant
2006 Yau Ching Koon Yau Ching Koon 142 Bronze medal
2006 Goh Qing Ci Goh Qing Ci 161 Bronze medal
2006 Aminatulmunirah Kasim Aminatulmunirah Kasim 165 Bronze medal
2006 Benjamin lim Tze Ying Benjamin lim Tze Ying 172 Honorable mention
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