Gold medals: 3, Silver medals: 12, Bronze medals: 55, Honorable mentions: 18
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2022 Yangyi Qi Yangyi Qi 89 Silver medal
2022 Love Sven Allan Sundin Love Sven Allan Sundin 215 Honorable mention
2022 Markus Erik Johan Farnebäck Markus Erik Johan Farnebäck 224 Honorable mention
2022 Barabás Tahin Barabás Tahin 233 Honorable mention
2021 Yangyi Qi Yangyi Qi 150 Bronze medal
2021 Leopold Kall Leopold Kall Participant
2021 Erik Bryland Erik Bryland Participant
2021 Elsa Bitzén Elsa Bitzén Participant
2019 Björn Axel Rudolf Diemer Björn Axel Rudolf Diemer 182 Bronze medal
2019 Erik Nils Axel Sundén Erik Nils Axel Sundén 183 Bronze medal
2019 Anton Richard Wallin Anton Richard Wallin 193 Bronze medal
2019 Sven Hugo Save Sven Hugo Save Participant
2018 Björn Axel Rudolf Diemer Björn Axel Rudolf Diemer 178 Bronze medal
2018 Alicia Sara Thorborg van Hees Alicia S. Thorborg van Hees Participant
2018 Ebba Sofia Matic Ebba Sofia Matic Participant
2018 Carl Åke Aron Enliden Carl Åke Aron Enliden Participant
2017 Oscar Blommegård Oscar Blommegård Participant
2017 Freja Söderbergh Freja Söderbergh Participant
2017 Maria Kulesh Maria Kulesh Participant
2017 Markus Nilsson Markus Nilsson Participant
2016 Carl Fredrik Behmer Carl Fredrik Behmer Participant
2016 Johan Gustav Gabriel Tidestav Gabriel Tidestav Participant
2016 Alexander Henric Frej Ekstrand Alexander Henric Frej Ekstrand Participant
2016 Sara Cecilia Rejgård Sara Cecilia Rejgård Participant
2015 Patric Johannes Rajala Patric Johannes Rajala 169 Bronze medal
2015 Fredrik Jakob Johannes Similä Fredrik Jakob Johannes Similä Participant
2015 Martina Anna Olsson Martina Anna Olsson Participant
2015 Rasmus Nils Gösta Svensson Rasmus Nils Gösta Svensson Participant
2014 Mona Koder Hamid Mona Koder Hamid 172 Bronze medal
2014 Anna Martina Olsson Anna Martina Olsson Participant
2014 Kristian Shlimon Kristian Shlimon Participant
2014 Timea Vitos Timea Vitos Participant
2013 Samuel Nils Johannes Backman Samuel Nils Johannes Backman 198 Honorable mention
2013 Oskar Henriksson Oskar Henriksson Participant
2013 Mona Koder Hamid Mona Koder Hamid Participant
2013 Adam Samuel Daniel Runesson Adam Samuel Daniel Runesson Participant
2012 Erik Orvehed-Hiltunen Erik Orvehed-Hiltunen 99 Bronze medal
2012 Tobias Persson Tobias Persson Participant
2012 Rickard Lindroth Rickard Lindroth Participant
2012 Oskar Henriksson Oskar David Henriksson Participant
2011 Marcus Tobias Olivecrona Marcus Tobias Olivecrona 92 Silver medal
2011 Erik Hans Hiltunen Erik Hans Hiltunen 131 Bronze medal
2011 Maciej Malecki Maciej Malecki 171 Bronze medal
2011 Johannes Byrling Johannes Erik Byrling Participant
2010 David Ahlstrand David Ahlstrand 115 Bronze medal
2010 Oscar Hans Emil Mickelin Oscar Hans Emil Mickelin Participant
2010 Viktor Mattias Johansson Viktor Mattias Johansson Participant
2010 Emil Marklund Emil Marklund Participant
2009 Leif Schelin Leif Schelin 117 Bronze medal
2009 Mikael Twengström Mikael Twengström 144 Bronze medal
2009 Mengxian Li Mengxian Li Participant
2009 David Ahlstrand David Ahlstrand Participant
2008 Daria Ewa Struska Daria Ewa Struska 127 Bronze medal
2008 Leif David Schelin Leif David Schelin Participant
2008 Sihan Wang Sihan Wang Participant
2008 Jessica Susanna Bernsteen Jessica Susanna Bernsteen Participant
2007 Oscar Carl Gunnar Granberg Oscar Carl Gunnar Granberg 86 Silver medal
2007 Daria Ewa Struska Daria Ewa Struska Participant
2007 Stella Lucie Riad Stella Lucie Riad Participant
2007 Axel Nils Ola Gottfries Axel Nils Ola Gottfries Participant
2006 Maj Stenmark Maj Stenmark 119 Bronze medal
2006 Mathias Elgland Mathias Elgland 160 Bronze medal
2006 Joachim Stark Joachim Stark 179 Honorable mention
2006 Matti Hellstrom Matti Hellstrom Participant
2005 Mohamed Mirmohades Mohamed Mirmohades 149 Bronze medal
2005 Christoffer Karlsson Christoffer Karlsson Participant
2005 Rickard Einefors Rickard Einefors Participant
2005 Arvid Guterstam Arvid Guterstam Participant
2004 Magnus Önnheim Magnus Önnheim 142 Bronze medal
2004 Mohammad Mirmohades Mohammad Mirmohades Participant
2004 Anders Lindgren Anders Lindgren Participant
2004 Anna Högberg Anna Högberg Participant
2003 E. Rydhe E. Rydhe 123 Bronze medal
2003 M. Linderoth M. Linderoth 189 Honorable mention
2003 E. Jansson E. Jansson 211 Honorable mention
2003 C. Cooray C. Cooray 220 Honorable mention
2002 A. Mertala A. Mertala 142 Bronze medal
2002 J. Genberg J. Genberg 151 Honorable mention
2002 J. Holmqvist J. Holmqvist Participant
2002 C. Cooray C. Cooray 200 Honorable mention
2001 Karin Oberg Karin Oberg Participant
2001 Erik Karlsson Erik Karlsson Participant
2001 Albin Eriksson Ostman Albin Eriksson Ostman Participant
2001 Jonas Mansson Jonas Mansson Participant
2000 Johan Qvist Johan Qvist 123 Bronze medal
2000 Henrik Ström Henrik Ström Participant
2000 Staffan Dånmark Staffan Dånmark Participant
2000 Jonatan Mörndal Jonatan Mörndal Participant
1999 Erik Myklebust Erik Myklebust 115 Bronze medal
1999 Jonatan Aronsson Jonatan Aronsson Participant
1999 Johan Skog Johan Skog Participant
1999 Karin Olsson Karin Olsson Participant
1998 Par Soderhjelm Par Soderhjelm 39 Silver medal
1998 Anders Karlsson Anders Karlsson 74 Bronze medal
1998 Sofia Aberg Sofia Aberg 111 Bronze medal
1998 Jonatan Aronsson Jonatan Aronsson Participant
1997 Par Soderhjelm Par Soderhjelm 59 Bronze medal
1997 Claes Robertson Claes Robertson 72 Bronze medal
1997 Jonas Olsson Jonas Olsson 82 Bronze medal
1997 Niklas Johansson Niklas Johansson Participant
1996 Per Sundell Per Sundell 105 Bronze medal
1996 Wilhelm Cronholm Wilhelm Cronholm Participant
1996 Anders Dahlen Anders Dahlen Participant
1996 Poyan Rajamand Poyan Rajamand Participant
1995 Anders Logg Anders Logg 53 Silver medal
1995 Bjorn Moden Bjorn Moden 75 Bronze medal
1995 Tobias Andersson Tobias Andersson Participant
1995 Magnus Aberg Magnus Aberg Participant
1994 Anders Logg Anders Logg 56 Bronze medal
1994 Per Björnsson Per Björnsson 87 Bronze medal
1994 Martin Lindsjö Martin Lindsjö 88 Bronze medal
1994 Carl Lundstam Carl Lundstam 129 Honorable mention
1993 Malin Jansson Sjors Malin Jansson Sjors 60 Bronze medal
1993 Johan Aberg Johan Aberg 92 Bronze medal
1992 Nils-Fredrik Kaiser Nils-Fredrik Kaiser 37 Silver medal
1992 Anders Knutsson Anders Knutsson 59 Bronze medal
1992 Thomas Larsson Thomas Larsson Participant
1992 Magnus Rasmussen Magnus Rasmussen Participant
1991 Frank Wikström Frank Wikström 45 Bronze medal
1991 Erik Lindahl Erik Lindahl 53 Bronze medal
1991 Nils-Fredrik Kaiser Nils-Fredrik Kaiser Participant
1991 Karl Andersson Karl Andersson Participant
1990 Mattias Eden Mattias Eden Participant
1990 Linda Waher Linda Waher Participant
1990 Lennart Nilsson Lennart Nilsson Participant
1990 Göran Johansson Göran Johansson Participant
1989 Mattias Jonsson Mattias Jonsson 31 Silver medal
1989 Patrik Jonsson Patrik Jonsson 35 Bronze medal
1989 Lars Larsson-Cohn Lars Larsson-Cohn 60 Bronze medal
1989 Ola Berntsson Ola Berntsson Participant
1988 Juhan Jönsson Juhan Jönsson 22 Silver medal
1988 Klas Lindbäck Klas Lindbäck Participant
1988 Erik Hosen Erik Hosen Participant
1988 Ragnar Henningson Ragnar Henningson Participant
1987 Gustaf Hulthe Gustaf Hulthe 40 Bronze medal
1987 Ola Wendt Ola Wendt 50 Bronze medal
1987 Roland Stenutz Roland Stenutz Participant
1987 Erik Rosen Erik Rosen Participant
1986 Tomas Eriksson Tomas Eriksson 4 Gold medal
1986 Gustaf Hulthe Gustaf Hulthe 42 Bronze medal
1986 Erik Gustafson Erik Gustafson Participant
1986 Peter Holmquist Peter Holmquist Participant
1985 Björn Hedman Björn Hedman 16 Silver medal
1985 Christina Keen Christina Keen Participant
1985 Stefan Pampin Stefan Pampin Participant
1985 Ulrika Öberg Ulrika Öberg Participant
1984 Tomas Hansson Tomas Hansson 9 Silver medal
1984 Peter Lönnerberg Peter Lönnerberg 40 Bronze medal
1984 Björn Pilström Björn Pilström 46 Bronze medal
1984 Lars Ernström Lars Ernström Participant
1982 Kuylenstierna Hans-Olof Kuylenstierna Hans-Olof 24 Bronze medal
1982 Holmgren Anders Holmgren Anders 42 Bronze medal
1982 Peter Abrahamsson Peter Abrahamsson 46 Bronze medal
1981 Christian Salamon Christian Salamon Participant
1981 Anders Holst Anders Holst Participant
1981 Torsten Svenonius Torsten Svenonius Participant
1981 Ragnar Backström Ragnar Backström Participant
1980 Torbjörn Tambour Torbjörn Tambour 13 Silver medal
1980 Mikael Landgren Mikael Landgren 23 Bronze medal
1980 Sten Sarman Sten Sarman 39 Honorable mention
1980 Anders Wasterlid Anders Wasterlid 41 Honorable mention
1979 Torbjörn Tambour Torbjörn Tambour 4 Gold medal
1979 Magnus Larson Magnus Larson 27 Bronze medal
1979 Mikael Landgren Mikael Landgren 29 Bronze medal
1979 Anders Westerlid Anders Westerlid Participant
1978 Frederik Lindberg Frederik Lindberg 12 Silver medal
1978 Torbjörn Tambour Torbjörn Tambour 17 Bronze medal
1978 Magnus Larson Magnus Larson Participant
1978 Lennart Cider Lennart Cider Participant
1977 Per Lincoln Per Lincoln 3 Gold medal
1977 Torbjörn Warnheim Torbjörn Warnheim 20 Bronze medal
1977 Michael Lévay Michael Lévay 26 Bronze medal
1977 Gunnar Nyman Gunnar Nyman 33 Bronze medal
1976 Bror Sven-Erik Berggren Bror Sven-Erik Berggren 17 3rd Prize
1976 Per Lincoln Per Lincoln 18 3rd Prize
1976 Mats Carlsson Mats Carlsson 34 Honorable mention
1976 Tiit Mathiesen Tiit Mathiesen Participant
1975 Göran Hallin Göran Hallin 20 Honorable mention
1975 Anders Ljungberg Anders Ljungberg 23 Honorable mention
1975 Torbjörn Nillson Torbjörn Nillson 32 Honorable mention
1975 Mats Ögren Mats Ögren 34 Honorable mention
1974 Michael Welsh Michael Welsh Participant
1974 Cecilia Fagerberg Cecilia Fagerberg Participant
1974 Mats Rudling Mats Rudling Participant
1974 Per Erdegren Per Erdegren Participant
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