Gold medals: 2, Silver medals: 5, Bronze medals: 37, Honorable mentions: 11
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 Vivian Huber Vivian Huber 221 Honorable mention
2023 Sabine Neuhaus Sabine Neuhaus Participant
2023 Andrin Hauenstein Andrin Hauenstein Participant
2023 Alex Martinetti Alex Martinetti Participant
2022 Silas Waldvogel Silas Waldvogel 193 Bronze medal
2022 Yannik Luca Straumann Yannik Luca Straumann 231 Honorable mention
2022 Cedric Josue Bärlocher Aguilar Cedric Josue Bärlocher Aguilar Participant
2022 Thomas Zaugg Thomas Zaugg Participant
2021 Sandro Pfammatter Sandro Pfammatter 173 Bronze medal
2021 Jessica Rebekka Kurmann Jessica Rebekka Kurmann 206 Honorable mention
2021 Anastasia Aleksandrovna Sandamirskaya Anastasia Aleksandrovna Sandamirskaya Participant
2021 Antoine Robin Chèvre Antoine Robin Chèvre Participant
2020 Jasmin Maria Frei Jasmin Maria Frei 131 Bronze medal
2020 Lennart Eneas Horn Lennart Eneas Horn 151 Honorable mention
2020 Daniel Alexander Isler Daniel Alexander Isler Participant
2020 Albert Shang Albert Shang Participant
2019 Kevin Denz Kevin Denz Participant
2019 Alain Pfammatter Alain Pfammatter Participant
2019 Jasmin Frei Jasmin Frei Participant
2019 Moreno Inauen Moreno Inauen Participant
2018 Lennart Horn Lennart Horn 193 Bronze medal
2018 Carole Zermatten Carole Zermatten Participant
2018 Chantal Sandra Balmer Chantal Sandra Balmer Participant
2018 Fabian Hollinger Fabian Hollinger Participant
2017 Diego Zenhäusern Diego Zenhäusern Participant
2017 Tamar Som Tamar Som Participant
2017 Caroline Weber Caroline Weber Participant
2017 Luca Schmutz Luca Schmutz Participant
2016 Dominic Egger Dominic Egger 145 Bronze medal
2016 Diego Zenhäusern Diego Zenhäusern Participant
2016 Nicolà Gantenbein Nicolà Gantenbein Participant
2016 Simone Heimgartner Simone Heimgartner Participant
2015 Gary Jiarui Shang Gary Jiarui Shang 119 Bronze medal
2015 Ramon Kuster Ramon Kuster 122 Bronze medal
2015 Lukas Severin Lüthy Lukas Severin Lüthy 154 Bronze medal
2015 Fanny Kristina Tschopp Fanny Kristina Tschopp Participant
2014 Lukas Severin Lüthy Lukas Severin Lüthy 151 Bronze medal
2014 Gary Jiarui Sang Shang Gary Jiarui 173 Bronze medal
2014 Patrik Oliver Willi Patrik Oliver Willi Participant
2014 Janik Jonas Grädel Janik Jonas Grädel Participant
2013 Patrik Oliver Willi Patrik Oliver Willi 137 Bronze medal
2013 Boris Lukas Stolz Boris Lukas Stolz 159 Bronze medal
2013 Mario Michele Oreste De Capitani Mario Michele Oreste De Capitani 179 Bronze medal
2013 Josephine Bthari Pratiwi Josephine Bthari Pratiwi Participant
2012 Thanh Phong Le Thanh Phong Lê 114 Bronze medal
2012 Nina Gämperli Nina Gämperli 171 Bronze medal
2012 Marc Milewski Marc Milewski Participant
2012 Boris Stolz Boris Stolz Participant
2011 Ludovic Scyboz Ludovic Scyboz 167 Bronze medal
2011 Michelle Frei Michelle Frei 178 Bronze medal
2011 Erwin Lam Erwin Lam Participant
2011 Juris Reisons Juris Reisons Participant
2010 Alain Vaucher Alain Vaucher 104 Bronze medal
2010 Yannick Suter Yannick Suter 131 Bronze medal
2010 Michelle Frei Michelle Frei Participant
2010 Michele Oliosi Michele Oliosi Participant
2009 Tino Canziani Tino Canziani 171 Honorable mention
2009 Tibor Stolz Tibor Stolz Participant
2009 Jan Bütikofer Jan Bütikofer Participant
2009 Virginie Greppin Virginie Greppin Participant
2008 Andreas Frutiger Andreas Frutiger 102 Bronze medal
2008 Nina Zargari Nina Zargari Participant
2008 Mario Silvester Könz Mario Silvester Könz Participant
2008 Matthias Roman Rüdt Matthias Roman Rüdt Participant
2007 Lucia Domenica Meier Lucia Domenica Meier 110 Bronze medal
2007 Max Hafliger Max Hafliger 151 Bronze medal
2007 Andreas Frutiger Andreas Frutiger 162 Honorable mention
2007 Frederic Cottier Frederic Cottier Participant
2006 Sebastian Keller Sebastian Keller 133 Bronze medal
2006 Yves Aeschi Yves Aeschi Participant
2006 Lucia Meier Lucia Meier Participant
2006 Frederic Cottier Frederic Cottier Participant
2005 Kathrin Székely Kathrin Székely 153 Bronze medal
2005 Sebastian Keller Sebastian Keller Participant
2005 Mena Issler Mena Issler Participant
2005 Tanja Stojanovic Tanja Stojanovic Participant
2004 Arnaud Haemmerle Arnaud Haemmerle 103 Bronze medal
2004 Kathrin Székely Kathrin Székely 140 Bronze medal
2004 Jonas Häner Jonas Häner 145 Bronze medal
2004 Silvan Birbaum Silvan Birbaum Participant
2003 J. Devel J. Devel 156 Honorable mention
2003 A. Haemmerle A. Haemmerle 157 Honorable mention
2003 S. Heer S. Heer Participant
2003 J. Haener J. Haener 200 Honorable mention
2002 Martin Kotyrba Martin Kotyrba Participant
2002 Severin Schneebeli Severin Schneebeli Participant
2002 Peter Ludwig Peter Ludwig Participant
2002 Vinitha Pazhepurackel Vinitha Pazhepurackel 213 Honorable mention
2001 Daniel Torricelli Daniel Torricelli 86 Bronze medal
2001 Ulrich Nevenschwander Ulrich Nevenschwander Participant
2001 Karin Birbaum Karin Birbaum Participant
2001 Martin Kotyrba Martin Kotyrba Participant
2000 Daniel Torricelli Daniel Torricelli 64 Silver medal
2000 Jean Garnier Jean Garnier 108 Bronze medal
2000 Juliette Ben Arous Juliette Ben Arous Participant
2000 Dominic Rossi Dominic Rossi Participant
1999 Daniel Torricelli Daniel Torricelli 109 Bronze medal
1999 Jean Garnier Jean Garnier Participant
1999 Stefan Malaer Stefan Malaer Participant
1999 Aurèle Aubert Aurèle Aubert Participant
1998 Massimo Lurati Massimo Lurati 89 Bronze medal
1998 Luca Castiglioni Luca Castiglioni 103 Bronze medal
1998 Dominik Langer Dominik Langer 107 Bronze medal
1998 Stefan Ottiger Stefan Ottiger Participant
1997 Dominik Langer Dominik Langer 46 Silver medal
1997 Dustin Hofstelter Dustin Hofstelter Participant
1997 Luca Castiglioni Luca Castiglioni Participant
1997 Massimo Lurati Massimo Lurati Participant
1996 Thomas Braschler Thomas Braschler 22 Gold medal
1996 Daniel Puntener Daniel Puntener Participant
1996 Christophe Schlicht Christophe Schlicht Participant
1996 Beat Amstutz Beat Amstutz Participant
1995 Wendelin Stark Wendelin Stark 25 Silver medal
1995 Daniel Puntener Daniel Puntener Participant
1995 Simon Brugger Simon Brugger Participant
1995 Christophe Schlicht Christophe Schlicht Participant
1994 Wendelin Stark Wendelin Stark 79 Bronze medal
1994 Simon Brugger Simon Brugger 121 Honorable mention
1994 Philippe Nihan Philippe Nihan Participant
1994 Rita Mayer-Sommer Rita Mayer-Sommer Participant
1993 Wendelin Stark Wendelin Stark Participant
1993 Nicolas Roulier Nicolas Roulier Participant
1993 Uwe Riek Uwe Riek Participant
1993 Simon Brugger Simon Brugger Participant
1992 Lukas Hintermann Lukas Hintermann 4 Gold medal
1992 André Rouge André Rouge 47 Bronze medal
1992 Marco Ziegler Marco Ziegler 74 Bronze medal
1992 Laurent Cavin Laurent Cavin Participant
1991 André Rouge André Rouge 22 Silver medal
1991 Marco Ziegler Marco Ziegler 30 Silver medal
1991 Laurent Cavin Laurent Cavin Participant
1991 Peter Barthazy Peter Barthazy Participant
1990 Marco Ziegler Marco Ziegler 58 Bronze medal
1990 Marc-Etienne Schwenter Marc-Etienne Schwenter Participant
1990 Pascal Eggen Pascal Eggen Participant
1990 Regina Bürgel Regina Bürgel Participant
1989 Erich Ammann Erich Ammann Participant
1989 Pascal Eggen Pascal Eggen Participant
1989 Matthias Gäumann Matthias Gäumann Participant
1989 Stéphane Cuchet Stéphane Cuchet Participant
1988 Micael Germann Micael Germann Participant
1988 Marc-Etienne Schwenter Marc-Etienne Schwenter Participant
1988 Jean-Daniel Zanone Jean-Daniel Zanone Participant
1988 Laurent Piquet Laurent Piquet Participant
1987 Olivier Behrend Olivier Behrend Participant
1987 Pierre-Alain Ruffieux Pierre-Alain Ruffieux Participant
1987 Stephane Divoux Stephane Divoux Participant
1987 Joel Vincent Joel Vincent Participant
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