Gold medals: 44, Silver medals: 56, Bronze medals: 36, Honorable mentions: 0
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 Leemen Chan Leemen Chan 5 Gold medal
2023 Marcus Jian-Hao Chu Marcus Jian-Hao Chu 11 Gold medal
2023 Panshul Sharma Panshul Sharma 20 Gold medal
2023 I-Shiang Lee I-Shiang Lee 27 Gold medal
2022 Wee Wen Adrian Ong Ong Wee Wen Adrian 26 Gold medal
2022 Vincent Yi Fei Yap Vincent Yap Yi Fei 31 Gold medal
2022 Chern Howe Ryan Lim Lim Chern Howe Ryan 39 Silver medal
2022 Kar Ern Samuel Lim Lim Kar Ern Samuel 50 Silver medal
2021 Chen Yizhou Chen Yizhou 15 Gold medal
2021 Cheng Jun Nicholas Goh Goh Cheng Jun, Nicholas 18 Gold medal
2021 Alphonsus Yu Xiang Neo Alphonsus Neo Yu Xiang 38 Silver medal
2021 Bernard Tze Wei Kwee Kwee Tze Wei, Bernard 44 Silver medal
2020 Sean Leong Sean Leong 14 Gold medal
2020 Charles Jordi Windle Charles Jordi Windle 23 Gold medal
2020 Jovan Liau Jovan Liau 25 Gold medal
2020 Teng Wei Ngwan Teng Wei Ngwan 30 Silver medal
2019 Yongao Hu Hu Yongao 14 Gold medal
2019 Yong Xiang Ng Ng Yong Xiang 33 Gold medal
2019 Ke Fun Aw 胡顾矾 63 Silver medal
2019 Yong Yi Tan Tan Yong Yi 65 Silver medal
2018 Marvin Dragon Choo Marvin Dragon Choo 5 Gold medal
2018 Khi Yung Fong Khi Yung Fong 19 Gold medal
2018 Jiapei Miao Jiapei Miao 39 Silver medal
2018 Hur Lim Hur Lim 42 Silver medal
2017 Matthias Liau Yi Quan Matthias Liau Yi Quan 13 Gold medal
2017 Tze King Lam Tze King Lam 29 Gold medal
2017 Yimian Tang Yimian Tang 47 Silver medal
2017 Zhiyuan Zhang Zhiyuan Zhang 48 Silver medal
2016 Zhihan Nan Zhihan Nan 15 Gold medal
2016 Wong Huai Zhe Matthew Wong Huai Zhe Matthew 18 Gold medal
2016 Kaiying Wang Kaiying Wang 67 Silver medal
2016 Glen Goh Wee Zhuan Glen Goh Wee Zhuan 85 Silver medal
2015 Bingjian Li Bingjian Li 8 Gold medal
2015 Jing Yee Kee Jing Yee Kee 38 Silver medal
2015 Yi Cheng Kang Yi Cheng Kang 43 Silver medal
2015 Bram Song Jie Lim Bram, Song Jie Lim 64 Silver medal
2014 Sun Jiarui Sun Jiarui 1 Gold medal
2014 Chen Xi Chen Xi 4 Gold medal
2014 Brandon Tan Kai Jie Brandon Tan Kai Jie 40 Silver medal
2014 Wen Jun Lawrence Wong Wong Wen Jun Lawrence 62 Silver medal
2013 Anlong Chua Anlong Chua 12 Gold medal
2013 Yuxin Cao Yuxin Cao 18 Gold medal
2013 Yongjie Lin Yongjie Lin 19 Gold medal
2013 Haitian Fang Haitian Fang 113 Bronze medal
2012 Rachel Lim Rachel Lim 14 Gold medal
2012 Aofei Liu Aofei Liu 22 Gold medal
2012 Gerard Low Gerard Low 38 Silver medal
2012 Zhi Yang Tan Zhi Yang Tan 50 Silver medal
2011 Seet Hua En Ian Seet Hua En Ian 34 Silver medal
2011 Yuan Zhi Martin Lim Lim Yuan Zhi Martin 41 Silver medal
2011 Chew Hong En Chew Hong En 49 Silver medal
2011 Xiuzhen Guo Guo Xiuzhen 65 Silver medal
2010 Fong Jie Nigel Ming Nigel Fong Jie Ming 25 Gold medal
2010 Lum Jian Yang Lum Jian Yang 27 Gold medal
2010 Tng Jia Barry Hao Barry Tng Jia Hao 45 Silver medal
2010 Khu Boon Derek Hou Derek Tng Boon Hou 68 Silver medal
2009 DaoBo Wang Wang DaoBo 12 Gold medal
2009 Zhi Hao Terry Gani Gani Zhi Hao Terry 27 Gold medal
2009 Yuqun Lin Lin Yuqun 43 Silver medal
2009 Xiao Xiao Xiao Xiao 57 Silver medal
2008 Li Qian Yeong Yeong Li Qian 2 Gold medal
2008 Yong Jin Wang Wang Yong Jin 41 Silver medal
2008 Mei Hua Fiona Foo Foo Mei Hua Fiona 92 Bronze medal
2008 Kang Ruey Gregory Lau Lau Kang Ruey Gregory 141 Bronze medal
2007 Zeqi Yang Yang Zeqi 51 Silver medal
2007 Benjamin Chen Chen Benjamin 84 Silver medal
2007 Guang Jun Joseph Lim Lim Guang Jun Joseph 108 Bronze medal
2007 Chin Heng Gan Gan Chin Heng 126 Bronze medal
2006 Yuxin Chuah Chuah Yuxin 17 Gold medal
2006 Zhen Liang Liang Zhen 53 Silver medal
2006 Yi yang See See Yi yang 67 Silver medal
2006 Pang wei Koh Koh Pang wei 131 Bronze medal
2005 Justin, Yeo Chuin Chen Chen Justin, Yeo Chuin 65 Silver medal
2005 Shin Ee Astee Goh Goh Shin Ee Astee 89 Bronze medal
2005 Li Feng Tan Tan Li Feng 117 Bronze medal
2005 Jit Hang Jackie Ang Ang Jit Hang Jackie 133 Bronze medal
2004 Yao Zong Ng Ng Yao Zong 36 Silver medal
2004 Leslie Beh Beh Leslie 74 Silver medal
2004 ShengXiang Xie Xie ShengXiang 89 Bronze medal
2004 Zhi Wei Seh Seh Zhi Wei 94 Bronze medal
2003 Yan Choi Lam Lam Yan Choi 19 Gold medal
2003 Celestine Lau Lau Celestine 43 Silver medal
2003 Brendan Ng Ng Brendan 55 Silver medal
2003 Gabriel Cheong Cheong Gabriel 96 Bronze medal
2002 Pak Ling Lui Lui Pak Ling 42 Silver medal
2002 Chun Ghee Tan Tan Chun Ghee 57 Silver medal
2002 Ying Xim Tan Tan Ying Xim 79 Bronze medal
2002 Rachel Ruiqi Wang Wang Rachel Ruiqi 120 Bronze medal
2001 Jianlong Tan Tan Jianlong 10 Gold medal
2001 Wenkai Tay Tay Wenkai 58 Silver medal
2001 Yaohui Phillips Huang Huang Yaohui Phillips 66 Silver medal
2001 Shiyun Ruan Ruan Shiyun 79 Bronze medal
2000 Hoong Chwan Kok Kok Hoong Chwan 25 Silver medal
2000 Yee Geoffrey Tan Chern Tan Chern Yee Geoffrey 39 Silver medal
2000 Xian-Yang Charles Goh Goh Xian-Yang Charles 55 Silver medal
2000 Woon Teck Yap Yap Woon Teck 82 Bronze medal
1999 Lai Ghee Xiong Xiong Lai Ghee 43 Silver medal
1999 Neo Tiong Cheng Cheng Neo Tiong 64 Silver medal
1999 Siu Chin Yeung Yeung Siu Chin 66 Bronze medal
1999 Ong Qing Yuan Yuan Ong Qing 82 Bronze medal
1998 Peng Lim (Timothy) Quek Quek Peng Lim (Timothy) 5 Gold medal
1998 Han Sen Soo Soo Han Sen 13 Gold medal
1998 Wee Kang Chua Chua Wee Kang 28 Silver medal
1998 Ming Wei (Kevin) Bong Bong Ming Wei (Kevin) 38 Silver medal
1997 Buchan Quek Quek Buchan 8 Gold medal
1997 Shu Sin Chng Chng Shu Sin 29 Silver medal
1997 Shih Ling Kao Kao Shih Ling 33 Silver medal
1997 Kiat Hwa Chan Chan Kiat Hwa 106 Bronze medal
1996 Yen Shan Serena Tan Tan Yen Shan Serena 11 Gold medal
1996 Aik-Aun David Khoo Khoo Aik-Aun David 54 Silver medal
1996 Zhi Heng Loh Loh Zhi Heng 61 Bronze medal
1996 Tien Hsu Wee Wee Tien Hsu 100 Bronze medal
1995 Dawen Choy Choy Dawen 13 Gold medal
1995 Tan Say Lock Lock Tan Say 57 Bronze medal
1995 Tan Wei-Tze Shawn Shawn Tan Wei-Tze 61 Bronze medal
1995 Terence Ho Wai-Luen Wai-Luen Terence Ho Participant
1994 Petra Su Yen Chong Chong Petra Su Yen 14 Gold medal
1994 Wei Lin Lai Lai Wei Lin 18 Gold medal
1994 Victor Kuan Kai Huang Huang Victor Kuan Kai 53 Bronze medal
1994 Jingxiang Huang Huang Jingxiang 77 Bronze medal
1993 Wu Meng Tan Wu-Meng Tan; 陈有明 14 Gold medal
1993 Wei Yang Cheong Wei Yang Cheong 35 Silver medal
1993 Ji Jon Sit Ji Jon Sit 51 Silver medal
1993 Boon Teik Tan Boon Teik Tan 82 Bronze medal
1992 Wei Kiat Ong Wei Kiat Ong 15 Gold medal
1992 Boon Yeow Chan Boon Yeow Chan 27 Silver medal
1992 Benjamin Khay Wee Koh Benjamin Khay Wee Koh 66 Bronze medal
1992 Mark Edward Puhaindran Mark Edward Puhaindran 76 Bronze medal
1991 Sao Wei Lee Sao Wei Lee 44 Bronze medal
1991 Thian Boon Brandon Lee Thian Boon Brandon Lee 48 Bronze medal
1991 Eu Meng Ang Eu Meng Ang 69 Bronze medal
1991 Tiam Chye Tan Tiam Chye Tan Participant
1990 Sun Shee Leong Sun Shee Leong 39 Bronze medal
1990 Chow Huat Khoo Chow Huat Khoo 45 Bronze medal
1990 Kah Keong Low Kah Keong Low 58 Bronze medal
1990 Choon Siah Goh Choon Siah Goh Participant
1988 Loo Sun Sun Leslie Loo Sun Sun Leslie 34 Silver medal
1988 Ling Yee Kiang Ling Yee Kiang 36 Bronze medal
1988 Lim Hong Kiang Lim Hong Kiang 56 Bronze medal
1988 Francis Chong Fu Shin Francis Chong Fu Shin Participant
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