Gold medals: 0, Silver medals: 2, Bronze medals: 15, Honorable mentions: 20
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 Lowie Goossens Lowie Frederik H Goossens 209 Bronze medal
2023 Edouard Princen Edouard Danilo Lucien Princen Participant
2023 Stijn Luyten Stijn Luyten Participant
2023 Guy-Louis Lhoest Guy-Louis Lhoest Participant
2022 Nore De Moor Nore De Moor 214 Honorable mention
2022 Camille Jacomet Camille Jacomet Participant
2022 Arthur Malherbe Arthur Malherbe Participant
2022 Valerio Cipriani Valerio Cipriani Participant
2021 Daan Roger Stan Vanhaecke Daan Vanhaecke 171 Bronze medal
2021 Jef H.K. Van Eester Jef Van Eester Participant
2021 Louis Pecheur Louis Pecheur Participant
2021 Lukas Schieble Lukas Schieble Participant
2020 Emile Norbert Eeckhoudt Emile Norbert Eeckhoudt 160 Honorable mention
2020 Anne-Sophie Denise Tilleman Anne-Sophie Denise Tilleman Participant
2020 Simon Pitte Simon Pitte Participant
2020 Jerome Mayolet Jerome Mayolet Participant
2019 Willem Jules S Vanmoerkerke Willem Vanmoerkerke Participant
2019 Lucas Arthur Alexander Dooms Lucas Dooms Participant
2019 Manon Anne Jackie Ghislaine Lenoir Manon Lenoir Participant
2019 Lucas William M Viseur Lucas Viseur Participant
2018 Brecht Guido M Pierreux Brecht Guido M Pierreux 127 Bronze medal
2018 Pieter Stefaan Vanslambrouck Pieter S. Vanslambrouck 196 Honorable mention
2018 Alexandre Lebailly Alexandre Lebailly Participant
2018 Renaud Gourmand Renaud Gourmand Participant
2017 Brecht Pierreux Brecht Pierreux 170 Bronze medal
2017 Egon Bleukx Egon Bleukx Participant
2017 Tom Winandy Tom Winandy Participant
2017 Thibault Lavalleye Thibault Lavalleye Participant
2015 Emile Vanderstraeten Emile Vanderstraeten 189 Bronze medal
2015 Cédric Schoonen Cédric Schoonen 190 Bronze medal
2015 Alexander Sahn Baumgartner Alexander Sahn Baumgartner Participant
2015 Joachim Marichal Joachim Marichal Participant
2014 Alexis Michel Charles Warnier Alexis Michel Charles Warnier 191 Honorable mention
2014 Cédric Philippe N. Schoonen Schoonen Cédric Philippe N. Participant
2014 Tim de la Croix Tim De La Croix Participant
2014 Cardinael Pieter Cardinael Pieter Participant
2013 Annelies Landuyt Annelies Landuyt 193 Honorable mention
2013 Céline Rossignon Céline Rossignon Participant
2013 Nicolas Remiche Nicolas Remiche Participant
2013 Remco Bos Remco Bos Participant
2012 Dieter Plessers Dieter Plessers 173 Bronze medal
2012 Astrid Vernemmen Astrid Vernemmen Participant
2012 Célestine Junque Célestine Junque Participant
2012 Anthony Royer Anthony Royer Participant
2011 Tim Seynnaeve Tim Seynnaeve 99 Bronze medal
2011 Robbert Struyven Robbert Struyven Participant
2011 Quentin Gaspart Quentin Gaspart Participant
2011 Catherine Leyh Catherine Leyh Participant
2010 Jeroen Van Cleemput Jeroen Van Cleemput Participant
2010 Kevin Renier Kevin Renier Participant
2010 Jasmine De Becker Jasmine De Becker Participant
2010 Florence Thiry Florence Thiry Participant
2009 Thibaut Grouy Thibaut Grouy 172 Honorable mention
2009 Yannick Engelmann Yannick Engelmann Participant
2009 Valérie Voorsluijs Valérie Voorsluijs Participant
2009 Rutger Callens Rutger Callens Participant
2008 Florian De Roose Florian De Roose Participant
2008 Jerome Jules Christian Alexandre Ghislain Dohet-Eraly Jerome Jules Christian Alexandre Ghislain Dohet-Eraly Participant
2008 David Dupont David Dupont Participant
2008 Blandine Emmanuelle Cambron Blandine Emmanuelle Cambron Participant
2007 Quentin Hisette Quentin Hisette Participant
2007 Vanessa Loodts Vanessa Loodts Participant
2007 David Van Cauwenberge David Van Cauwenberge Participant
2007 Jorn Walscharts Jorn Walscharts Participant
2006 Thomas Scaffidi Thomas Scaffidi Participant
2006 Thomas Vranken Thomas Vranken Participant
2006 Jonas Deré Jonas Deré Participant
2006 Cecile Chatelain Cecile Chatelain Participant
2005 Christophe Snoeck Christophe Snoeck Participant
2005 Kirsten Verboven Kirsten Verboven Participant
2005 Thierry Denuit Thierry Denuit Participant
2005 Thomas Canor Thomas Canor Participant
2004 Wouter Mathues Wouter Mathues Participant
2004 Yuri Cordy Yuri Cordy Participant
2004 Jonathan Zinger Jonathan Zinger Participant
2004 Amaury Massart Amaury Massart Participant
2003 Francois Bonjean Francois Bonjean Participant
2003 Nick Vandewiele Nick Vandewiele Participant
2003 Otti D'Hoys Otti D'Hoys 188 Honorable mention
2003 Cédric Malherbe Cédric Malherbe Participant
2002 D. Vercauteren D. Vercauteren 156 Honorable mention
2002 L. Jottrand L. Jottrand Participant
2002 C. Tassin C. Tassin 174 Honorable mention
2002 M.-L Collignon M.-L Collignon Participant
2001 Alexandre Depouhon Alexandre Depouhon 128 Bronze medal
2001 Kenneth Delie Kenneth Delie 144 Honorable mention
2001 Pieter Everaerts Pieter Everaerts 153 Honorable mention
2001 Jean-Francois Maillart Jean-Francois Maillart Participant
2000 Randy Lambreghts Randy Lambreghts 46 Silver medal
2000 Philippe Tassin Philippe Tassin 98 Bronze medal
2000 Wei Hsia Wei Hsia Participant
2000 Tanguy Chaumy Tanguy Chaumy Participant
1999 Randy Lambreghts Randy Lambreghts 63 Silver medal
1999 Jeroen Vanheuverswyn Jeroen Vanheuverswyn Participant
1999 Damien Forthomme Damien Forthomme Participant
1999 Thalie Devosse Thalie Devosse Participant
1998 Dominique Baiwir Dominique Baiwir Participant
1998 Joris Lochy Joris Lochy Participant
1998 Olivier Dumont Olivier Dumont Participant
1998 Patrick Pouplard Patrick Pouplard Participant
1997 Tim Broeckhoven Tim Broeckhoven 101 Bronze medal
1997 Sebastien Wins Sebastien Wins Participant
1997 Bart Verberck Bart Verberck Participant
1997 Sylvie Corbisier Sylvie Corbisier Participant
1996 Wim Cannaerts Wim Cannaerts Participant
1996 Terence John Wells Terence John Wells Participant
1996 Kenno Vanommeslaeghe Kenno Vanommeslaeghe Participant
1996 Kevin Clais Kevin Clais Participant
1995 Raphael Robert Julia Bochlandt Raphael Robert Julia Bochlandt Participant
1995 Schmits Raphael Schmits Raphael Participant
1995 Bougard Bruno Bougard Bruno Participant
1995 Rachid Faouzi Rachid Faouzi Participant
1994 Kristiaan Vanbrabant Kristiaan Vanbrabant 112 Honorable mention
1994 Frank Rijkers Frank Rijkers Participant
1994 Claire Boland Claire Boland Participant
1994 Fabrice Wenders Fabrice Wenders Participant
1993 Peter Peumans Peter Peumans 89 Bronze medal
1992 Christian Franssen Christian Franssen Participant
1992 Xavier Tordoir Xavier Tordoir Participant
1992 Christophe Peeters Christophe Peeters Participant
1992 Wim Schonkeren Wim Schonkeren Participant
1991 Bart Vandeputte Bart Vandeputte Participant
1991 Jean-Marc Eloy Jean-Marc Eloy Participant
1991 Kris de Meyer Kris de Meyer Participant
1991 Remi Letot Remi Letot Participant
1990 Michaël Alexandre Michaël Alexandre Participant
1990 Michaël Simonis Michaël Simonis Participant
1990 Stijn Mertens Stijn Mertens Participant
1990 Jurgen Riondato Jurgen Riondato Participant
1989 Vandekerckhove Vandekerckhove Participant
1989 Wim Elseviera Wim Elseviera Participant
1989 Jean-Francois Gohy Jean-Francois Gohy Participant
1989 Anne-Cécile Draye Anne-Cécile Draye Participant
1988 Marc-Olivier Coppens Marc-Olivier Coppens Participant
1988 Rudi Labarbe Rudi Labarbe Participant
1988 Vincent de Vroey Vincent de Vroey Participant
1988 Pierre Robe Pierre Robe Participant
1987 Bart Demeulenaere Bart Demeulenaere Participant
1987 Kurt van Passen Kurt van Passen Participant
1987 Frank Pieron Frank Pieron Participant
1987 Caroline van Hulle Caroline van Hulle Participant
1986 Werner Rammelaere Werner Rammelaere 38 Bronze medal
1986 Frank Candries Frank Candries 53 Bronze medal
1986 Didier Bernardi Didier Bernardi Participant
1986 Sophie Lucas Sophie Lucas Participant
1985 Glenn Creten Glenn Creten 59 Bronze medal
1985 Mark Vanderkelen Mark Vanderkelen Participant
1985 Pascal Maes Pascal Maes Participant
1985 Birgit Debrabandere Birgit Debrabandere Participant
1984 Bart Cappelle Bart Cappelle Participant
1984 Annik van den Bruel Annik van den Bruel Participant
1980 Laurent Dejardin Laurent Dejardin 46 Honorable mention
1980 Joel Loutte Joel Loutte 47 Honorable mention
1980 Rudie de Maesseneer Rudie de Maesseneer 48 Honorable mention
1980 Marc Pelgrims Marc Pelgrims 49 Honorable mention
1977 Maria Smeets Maria Smeets 41 Honorable mention
1977 Marc Emil Huybrechts Marc Emil Huybrechts 44 Honorable mention
1977 Carine De Taeye Carine De Taeye 46 Honorable mention
1977 Martin van Ooste Martin van Ooste 47 Honorable mention
1976 Dirk Michiels Dirk Michiels Participant
1976 Christian Vinoke Christian Vinoke Participant
1975 Luc Mercken Luc Mercken Participant
1975 Rose-Marie Tarte Rose-Marie Tarte Participant
1975 Martine Delacuvellerie Martine Delacuvellerie Participant
1975 Martine Magotteaux Martine Magotteaux Participant
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