Gold medals: 0, Silver medals: 3, Bronze medals: 22, Honorable mentions: 12
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2022 Pau Moliner Senar Pau Moliner Senar 187 Bronze medal
2022 Pablo Faus Faus Pablo Faus Faus 220 Honorable mention
2022 Gonzalo Sastre Marcos Gonzalo Sastre Marcos Participant
2022 Álvaro Juan Salazar Vega Álvaro Juan Salazar Vega Participant
2019 Joaquín Baixeiras Joaquin Baixerias Buyé 46 Silver medal
2019 Daniel Ulibarri Daniel Ulibarri Sánchez 178 Bronze medal
2019 Sergio Sanjurjo Sergio Sanjurjo Montero 196 Bronze medal
2019 Pablo Soto Pablo Soto Martín Participant
2018 Jorge Martín Álvarez Jorge Martín Álvarez 168 Bronze medal
2018 Jaime Salamanca Camacho Jaime Salamanca Camacho 201 Honorable mention
2018 Manuel Iglesias Alonso Manuel Iglesias Alonso Participant
2018 Pablo Real Baeza Pablo Real Baeza Participant
2017 Miguel González González Miguel González González 164 Bronze medal
2017 Alberto Martín Clavero Alberto Martín Clavero Participant
2017 Ezequiel Carretero Gil Ezequiel Carretero Gil Participant
2017 Francisco Tomás-Valiente Jorda Francisco Tomás-Valiente Jorda Participant
2016 Manuel Rodriguez Molina Manuel Rodriguez Molina Participant
2016 Daniel Felix Gonzalez Daniel Felix Gonzalez Participant
2016 Angel Maria Garcia Lopez de Haro Angel Maria Garcia Lopez de Haro Participant
2016 Jaime Redondo Yuste Jaime Redondo Yuste Participant
2015 Raimon Terricabres Polo Raimon Terricabres Polo 177 Bronze medal
2015 Jorge Melendo Arrufat Jorge Melendo Arrufat 192 Honorable mention
2015 Alejandro Martos Berruezo Alejandro Martos Berruezo Participant
2015 José Carrasco Muñoz José Carrasco Muñoz Participant
2014 Alejandro Salinas Illarena Alejandro Salinas Illarena 111 Bronze medal
2014 Carlos Sanz García Carlos Sanz García Participant
2014 Bartomeu Llopis Vidal Bartomeu Llopis Vidal Participant
2014 Adrian Grille Guerra Adrian Grille Guerra Participant
2013 Damia Torres Latorre Damia Torres Latorre 129 Bronze medal
2013 David Prieto Rodríguez David Prieto Rodríguez 168 Bronze medal
2013 Sergio Cuesta Galisteo Sergio Cuesta Galisteo 194 Honorable mention
2013 Felipe Cano Córdoba Felipe Participant
2012 Sergio Tomas Martinez Sergio Tomás Martínez 180 Bronze medal
2012 Jorge Lacaba Reina Jorge Lacaba Reina Participant
2012 Marta Pita Vidal Marta Pita Vidal Participant
2011 Moises Maestro López Moises Maestro López 158 Bronze medal
2011 Albert Soto Company Albert Soto Company 184 Honorable mention
2011 Hadrian Montes Campos Hadrian Montes Campos Participant
2011 Javier Martínez Fernández Javier Martínez Fernández Participant
2010 Pablo Giomi Pablo Giomi 96 Bronze medal
2010 Andreu Tortajada Navarro Andreu Tortajada Navarro 153 Bronze medal
2010 Jesús Alvaro Gómez Iregui Jesús Alvaro Gómez Iregui 158 Bronze medal
2010 Marconi Nicolás Peñas De Frutos Marconi Nicolás Peñas De Frutos Participant
2009 David Rodríguez San Miguel David Rodríguez San Miguel 161 Bronze medal
2009 Luca Schneller-Pavelescu Apetrei Luca Schneller-Pavelescu Apetrei 170 Honorable mention
2009 Sergio Perez Conesa Sergio Perez Conesa Participant
2009 Maria Angeles Garcia Ferrero Maria Angeles Garcia Ferrero Participant
2008 Eduardo Ansaldo Giné Eduardo Ansaldo Giné 158 Bronze medal
2008 Juan Antonio Primitivo Rodriguez Juan Antonio Primitivo Rodriguez Participant
2008 Jaime Ma Medina Manresa Jaime Ma Medina Manresa Participant
2008 Mario Lopez Moya Mario Lopez Moya Participant
2007 Victor Lopez Ferrando Victor Lopez Ferrando 144 Bronze medal
2007 Alberto Garcia Bosque Alberto Garcia Bosque Participant
2007 Andres Suarez Velazquez Andres Suarez Velazquez Participant
2007 Alberto Sanchez Molero Alberto Sanchez Molero Participant
2006 Juan Margalef-Bentabol Juan Margalef-Bentabol 181 Honorable mention
2006 Eduardo Casanova-Cuesta Eduardo Casanova-Cuesta 189 Honorable mention
2006 Ivan Fernández-Colunga Ivan Fernández-Colunga 205 Honorable mention
2006 Juan Sanchez-Caballero Juan Sanchez-Caballero Participant
2005 Alberto Osuna Galvez Alberto Osuna Galvez Participant
2005 Rubén Fernandez Moya Rubén Fernandez Moya Participant
2005 Antonio Freire Gonzalez Antonio Freire Gonzalez Participant
2004 Carlos Carrero G. Carlos Carrero G. 137 Bronze medal
2004 Javier Garcia del Valle Javier Garcia del Valle Participant
2004 Miguel Angel Torrente March. Miguel Angel Torrente March. Participant
2004 Jesus Manuel Garcia Vargas Jesus Manuel Garcia Vargas Participant
2003 Daniel Sánchez Parcerisa Daniel Sánchez Parcerisa 135 Bronze medal
2003 Victor Pérez Gregorio Victor Pérez Gregorio 165 Honorable mention
2003 Samuel Vázquez Martínez Samuel Vázquez Martínez Participant
2003 Xavier Roca Artola Xavier Roca Artola 191 Honorable mention
2002 Vincent Martí Centelles Vincent Martí Centelles 46 Silver medal
2002 Jaime Iranzo Sanz Jaime Iranzo Sanz 62 Silver medal
2002 Patricia Ceballos Carrascosa Patricia Ceballos Carrascosa 85 Bronze medal
2002 Marta Enciso Carrasco Marta Enciso Carrasco Participant
2001 Alberto Otero de Roza Alberto Otero de Roza 104 Bronze medal
2001 Sergio S. Gascon Sergio S. Gascon Participant
2001 Angela Moncada Pazos Angela Moncada Pazos Participant
2001 Marta Faraldo Sanchez Marta Faraldo Sanchez Participant
2000 José Manuel Zorrilla Matilla José Manuel Zorrilla Matilla Participant
2000 Antonio Daniel Frontere Barrueco Antonio Daniel Frontere Barrueco Participant
2000 José Delfin Car. Fernández José Delfin Car. Fernández Participant
2000 Ana Maria Tunón Garcia Ana Maria Tunón Garcia Participant
1999 Jose Serna Serrano Jose Serna Serrano Participant
1999 Francisco Javier Cortes Martinez Francisco Javier Cortes Martinez Participant
1999 Ramon Modolell Penuel Ramon Modolell Penuel Participant
1999 Jose Carlos Valle Marcos Jose Carlos Valle Marcos Participant
1998 Diego Amos Urdiales Delgado Diego Amos Urdiales Delgado Participant
1998 Abraham Arce Penafiel Abraham Arce Penafiel Participant
1998 Guillermo Gallardo Madueno Guillermo Gallardo Madueno Participant
1998 Alberto Enciso Carrasco Alberto Enciso Carrasco Participant
1997 Agustin Diaz-Pines Agustin Diaz-Pines 103 Bronze medal
1997 Alberto Martinez Arribas Alberto Martinez Arribas Participant
1997 Jaime Carpio Garcia Jaime Carpio Garcia 163 Honorable mention
1997 Juan Carlos Gomez Pallares Juan Carlos Gomez Pallares Participant
1996 Minia Campos-Dominguez Minia Campos-Dominguez Participant
1996 Sergio Renilla-Gallardo Sergio Renilla-Gallardo Participant
1996 Nadia Garcia-Lara Nadia Garcia-Lara Participant
1996 Lorena Gonzalez-Garcia Lorena Gonzalez-Garcia Participant
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