Gold medals: 1, Silver medals: 1, Bronze medals: 16, Honorable mentions: 7
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2022 Luis Alonso Molocho Aponte Luis Alonso Molocho Aponte Participant
2022 Rodrigo Gabriel Flores Chavez Rodrigo Gabriel Flores Chavez Participant
2022 Nohely Alexandra del Rosario Caceres Mesias Nohely Alexandra del Rosario Caceres Mesias Participant
2022 Rai Victor Garcia Isuiza Rai Victor Garcia Isuiza Participant
2019 Jamill Jean Paul Loayza Eme Jamill Jean Paul Loayza Eme 205 Honorable mention
2019 Mel Kluivert Russel Capcha Chanca Mel Kluivert Russel Capcha Chanca 206 Honorable mention
2019 Guillermo Jesus Alanya Yangali Guillermo Jesus Alanya Yangali 213 Honorable mention
2019 Yover Daniel Nuñez Perez Yover Daniel Nuñez Perez 217 Honorable mention
2018 Renzo Mattos Renzo Mattos 77 Silver medal
2018 Hector Rodriguez Hector Rodriguez 121 Bronze medal
2018 Bruno Diaz Bruno Diaz 142 Bronze medal
2018 Fernando Alvarez Fernando Alvarez Participant
2017 Andrés Fabian Salinas Andrés Fabian Salinas 27 Gold medal
2017 Jeykco Wilfredo Villavicencio Huanila Jeykco Wilfredo Villavicencio Huanila 171 Bronze medal
2017 Percy Sifuentes Samanamud Percy Sifuentes Samanamud Participant
2017 Celeste Guillen Chucho Celeste Guillen Chucho Participant
2016 Beraun Gasco Piero Stefano Beraun Gasco 108 Bronze medal
2016 Caparachin Vilca Steisy Graciela Caparachin Vilca 153 Bronze medal
2016 Romero Rodriguez Romero Rodriguez Participant
2016 Tapara Tejada Tapara Tejada Participant
2015 Johan Alexander Farfán Benito Johan Alexander Farfán Benito 106 Bronze medal
2015 Erick Renato Cirilo Mel Erick Renato Cirilo Mel 129 Bronze medal
2015 Robert Erick Ñanez Azaña Robert Erick Ñanez Azaña 130 Bronze medal
2015 Josué Alexander Urcia Aguilar Josué Alexander Urcia Aguilar Participant
2014 Deglan Jesus Rivas Romero Deglan Jesus Rivas Romero 160 Bronze medal
2014 Christian Omar Altamirano Modesto Christian Omar Altamirano Modesto 193 Honorable mention
2014 Neil Regulo Checalla Apaza Neil Regulo Checalla Apaza Participant
2014 Juan Diego Opazo Barboza Juan Diego Opazo Barboza Participant
2013 Alberto Einstein Flores Turpo Alberto Einstein Flores Turpo 176 Bronze medal
2013 Alexander Francisco Segovia Razo Alexander Francisco Segovia Razo 188 Bronze medal
2013 Marcos Alarcón Chalco Marcos Alarcón Chalco Participant
2013 Jesús Pasache Juárez Jesús Pasache Juárez Participant
2012 Roberto Ugaz-Leon Roberto Ugaz-Leon 174 Bronze medal
2012 Brayan Paredes-Alvarez Brayan Paredes-Alvarez 184 Honorable mention
2012 Santiago Álvarez Santiago Álvarez Participant
2012 Leonardo Julca Leonardo Julca Participant
2011 Guillermo Arturo Carranza Jordán Guillermo Arturo Carranza Jordán 136 Bronze medal
2011 Jorge Nelson Trevejo Pinedo Jorge Nelson Trevejo Pinedo 147 Bronze medal
2011 Alejandro Jesus Castro Ortecho Alejandro Jesus Castro Ortecho 154 Bronze medal
2011 Diana Gamboa Rodríguez Diana Gamboa Rodríguez Participant
2010 Luis Fernando Merma Paucar Luis Fernando Merma Paucar Participant
2010 Anthony John Salcedo Meza Anthony John Salcedo Meza Participant
2009 Jose Montero Bastidas Jose Montero Bastidas 147 Bronze medal
2009 Luis Cabrera Sosa Luis Cabrera Sosa Participant
2009 Sebastian Sanchez Falero Sebastian Sanchez Falero Participant
2009 Marco Huarancca Ninanya Marco Huarancca Ninanya Participant
2008 James Miguel Cabrera Guevara James Miguel Cabrera Guevara Participant
2008 Robinson Junior León Urrego Robinson Junior León Urrego Participant
2008 Nathaly Gastelo Cuadros Nathaly Gastelo Cuadros Participant
2007 Luis Alberto Ypanaque Rocha Luis Alberto Ypanaque Rocha Participant
2007 Cristhian Luis Canari Chumpitaz Cristhian Luis Canari Chumpitaz Participant
2007 Joseph Hernan Pena Echevarria Joseph Hernan Pena Echevarria Participant
2005 Juan Pablo Medina Juan Pablo Medina 164 Honorable mention
2005 Frank De la Torre Frank De la Torre Participant
2004 Juan Pablo Medina Juan Pablo Medina Participant
2004 Charli Ruiz Charli Ruiz Participant
2004 Mario Quillas Mario Quillas Participant
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