Gold medals: 5, Silver medals: 19, Bronze medals: 72, Honorable mentions: 7
Individual results
YearContestantOriginal scriptRankAward
2023 Sarah Svaneberg Sarah Svaneberg 126 Bronze medal
2023 Mikkel Loesch Mikkel Bindslev Loesch 190 Bronze medal
2023 Alexander Poulsen Alexander Svenstrup Poulsen 203 Bronze medal
2023 Anders Moll-Elsborg Anders Moll-Elsborg 210 Bronze medal
2022 Sara Winther Sara Winther 167 Bronze medal
2022 Thor Marner Thor Marner 188 Bronze medal
2022 Alexander Svenstrup Poulsen Alexander Svenstrup Poulsen 196 Bronze medal
2022 Barnabas Labancz Barnabás Labancz 219 Honorable mention
2021 Michael Estes Michael Estes 160 Bronze medal
2021 Lin Bigom-Eriksen Lin Bigom-Eriksen 191 Bronze medal
2021 Theodor Malte Novrup Redvall Theodor Malte Novrup Redvall Participant
2021 Melanie Muntz Melanie Muntz Participant
2020 Jens Peter Nielsen Jens Peter Nielsen Participant
2020 Mathias Abildgaard Alminde Mathias Abildgaard Alminde Participant
2020 Thomas Svava Mortensen Thomas Svava Mortensen Participant
2020 Emil Andsbjerg Holm Emil Andsbjerg Holm Participant
2019 Thomas Bro Falkenberg Thomas Bro Falkenberg 11 Gold medal
2019 Kasper Krunderup Jakobsen Kasper Krunderup Jakobsen 122 Bronze medal
2019 Mikaella Ty Ngo Mikaella Ty Ngo 153 Bronze medal
2019 Rasmus Vester Munkner Rasmus Vester Munkner 181 Bronze medal
2018 Thomas Bro Falkenberg Thomas Bro Falkenberg 112 Bronze medal
2018 Oliver Ovsée Laub Solow Oliver Ovsée Laub Solow 138 Bronze medal
2018 Nanna Lærke Baun Nanna Lærke Baun Participant
2018 Mikaella Ty Ngo Mikaella Ty Ngo Participant
2017 Benjamin Muntz Benjamin Muntz 136 Bronze medal
2017 Albert Sneppen Albert Sneppen Participant
2017 Thomas Paulsen Thomas Paulsen Participant
2017 Dagmar Hansen Dagmar Hansen Participant
2016 Sofie Hillgaard Pedersen Sofie Hillgaard Pedersen 96 Bronze medal
2016 Sofie Stampe Leiszner Sofie Stampe Leiszner Participant
2016 Soren Moller Soren Moller Participant
2016 Jan Krzak Jan Krzak Participant
2015 Kristopher Torp Jensen Kristopher Torp Jensen 41 Silver medal
2015 Laurids Abelsen Holm Laurids Abelsen Holm 144 Bronze medal
2015 Sofie Hillgaard Pedersen Sofie Hillgaard Pedersen 166 Bronze medal
2015 Joachim Holt Joachim Holt Participant
2014 Kristopher Torp Jensen Kristopher Torp Jensen 91 Silver medal
2014 Theodor William Lundberg Theodor William Lundberg 150 Bronze medal
2014 Kelvin Justiva Kelvin Justiva 161 Bronze medal
2014 Lea Gammelmark Lea Gammelmark Participant
2013 Frederik Munkholm Soendergaard-Pedersen Frederik Munkholm Soendergaard-Pedersen 74 Silver medal
2013 Frederik Brændsgaard Nørfjand Frederik Brændsgaard Nørfjand 116 Bronze medal
2013 Ada Maria Krzak Ada Maria Krzak 160 Bronze medal
2013 Theodor William Lundberg Theodor William Lundberg 186 Bronze medal
2012 Frederik Soendergaard-Pedersen Frederik Soendergaard-Pedersen 101 Bronze medal
2012 Emil Damgaard-Moller Emil Damgaard-Møller 145 Bronze medal
2012 Sidsel Alsing Sidsel Alsing 158 Bronze medal
2012 Andreas Erichsen Andreas Erichsen 175 Bronze medal
2011 Thomas Kendell Lund Thomas Kendell Lund 166 Bronze medal
2011 Ida Gjerlevsen Nielsen Ida Gjerlevsen Nielsen 180 Honorable mention
2011 Andreas Skovbakke Andreas Skovbakke Participant
2011 Ask Heje Niels Ask Norgaard Heje Participant
2010 Mads Bøttger Hansen Mads Bøttger Hansen 58 Silver medal
2010 Niels Christian Holm Sanden Niels Christian Holm Sanden 159 Bronze medal
2010 Kristian Holten Møller Kristian Holten Møller 168 Bronze medal
2010 Jakob Bank Kodal Jakob Bank Kodal Participant
2009 Allan Thor Allan Thor 130 Bronze medal
2009 Alexander Kristian Grevsen Alexander Kristian Grevsen 136 Bronze medal
2009 Christian Jensen Christian Jensen 168 Honorable mention
2009 Anders Jørgensen Anders Jørgensen Participant
2008 Rasmus Faber Rasmus Faber 107 Bronze medal
2008 Nikoline Borgermann Nikoline Borgermann 121 Bronze medal
2008 Hjalte Daugaard Jensen Hjalte Daugaard Jensen 133 Bronze medal
2008 Kasper Mackeprang Kasper Mackeprang 136 Bronze medal
2007 Christian Marboe Christian Marboe 90 Bronze medal
2007 Thorbjørn Juul Morsing Thorbjørn Juul Morsing 111 Bronze medal
2007 Tina Kanstrup Tina Kanstrup Participant
2007 Christoffer Norn Christoffer Norn Participant
2006 Helene Kolding Helene Kolding 27 Gold medal
2006 Dennis jul Hansen Dennis jul Hansen 56 Silver medal
2006 Rasmus sloth Hansen Rasmus sloth Hansen 62 Silver medal
2006 Mathias juul Jacobsen Mathias juul Jacobsen 107 Bronze medal
2005 Helene Kolding Helene Kolding 116 Bronze medal
2005 Nis Brix Lauridsen Nis Brix Lauridsen 138 Bronze medal
2005 Nicolaj Knudsen Nicolaj Knudsen 142 Bronze medal
2005 Kasper Steen Pedersen Kasper Steen Pedersen Participant
2004 Tobias Olsen Tobias Olsen 146 Bronze medal
2004 Lars Guski Lars Guski Participant
2004 Jonathan Højberg Jonathan Højberg Participant
2003 J. Dreier J. Dreier 105 Bronze medal
2003 S. Kastberg S. Kastberg 151 Bronze medal
2003 M.A. Christensen M.A. Christensen 184 Honorable mention
2003 J.L. Hansen J.L. Hansen 185 Honorable mention
2002 A. Ersbak Bang Nielsen A. Ersbak Bang Nielsen 55 Silver medal
2002 M. Kristiansen M. Kristiansen 125 Bronze medal
2002 D. Waldorff D. Waldorff Participant
2002 T. Lauridsen T. Lauridsen 183 Honorable mention
2001 Villemoes Rasmus Villemoes Rasmus 62 Silver medal
2001 Ebbe Bodtkjer Ebbe Bodtkjer 93 Bronze medal
2001 Lone Nielsen Lone Nielsen 129 Bronze medal
2001 Hans Henrik Werge Hans Henrik Werge Participant
2000 Morten Foverskov Morten Foverskov 63 Silver medal
2000 Anders Jensen Anders Jensen 91 Bronze medal
2000 Nina Lock Nina Lock 115 Bronze medal
2000 Aline Iskandar Aline Iskandar Participant
1999 Anders Sorrig Mouritzen Anders Sorrig Mouritzen 93 Bronze medal
1999 Soren Furbo Skodt Nielsen Soren Furbo Skodt Nielsen 103 Bronze medal
1999 Martin Worm-Leonhard Martin Worm-Leonhard Participant
1999 Karl Tordrup Karl Tordrup Participant
1998 Pia Nielsen Pia Nielsen 100 Bronze medal
1998 Jan Kamyno Rasmussen Jan Kamyno Rasmussen Participant
1998 Nadja Hawwa Vissing Nadja Hawwa Vissing Participant
1998 Morten Larsen Morten Larsen Participant
1997 Thue Kristensen Thue Kristensen 114 Bronze medal
1997 Rene Hemmingsen Rene Hemmingsen 118 Honorable mention
1997 Kasper Moth-Poulsen Kasper Moth-Poulsen Participant
1997 Tine Ejdrup Tine Ejdrup Participant
1996 Jens Knudsen Bjernemose Jens Knudsen  Bjernemose 97 Bronze medal
1996 Jette Oddershede Jette Oddershede 104 Bronze medal
1996 Soren Jakobsen Søren Jakobsen Participant
1996 Anne Laren Anne Laren Participant
1995 Brian Schou Rasmussen Brian Schou Rasmussen 35 Silver medal
1995 Per Hindborg Hemmingsen Per Hindborg Hemmingsen 65 Bronze medal
1995 Christian Ingemann Mikkelsen Christian Ingemann Mikkelsen 94 Bronze medal
1995 Mikkel Hindkaer Dahl Mikkel Hindkaer Dahl 102 Bronze medal
1994 Bjarne Knudsen Bjarne Knudsen 7 Gold medal
1994 Nikolaj Kjærby Johansen Nikolaj Kjærby Johansen 44 Silver medal
1994 Kim Brun Clausen Kim Brun Clausen 75 Bronze medal
1994 Marianne Sloth Marianne Sloth 96 Bronze medal
1993 Bjarne Knudsen Bjarne Knudsen 46 Silver medal
1993 Thomas Boesen Thomas Boesen 63 Bronze medal
1993 Thomas La Cour Jansen Thomas La Cour Jansen 74 Bronze medal
1993 Kim Johansen Kim Johansen Participant
1992 Jesper Munk Jacobsen Jesper Munk Jacobsen 30 Silver medal
1992 Susanne Mossin Susanne Mossin 32 Silver medal
1992 Christian Anton Christian Anton 34 Silver medal
1992 Thor Asmund Thor Asmund Participant
1991 Jon Tangaa Jensen Jon Tangaa Jensen 23 Silver medal
1991 Christian Anton Christian Anton 32 Silver medal
1991 David Brown Hansen David Brown Hansen 66 Bronze medal
1990 Kresten Skak Kresten Skak 7 Gold medal
1990 Nicolai Jensen Nicolai Jensen Participant
1990 Jon Tangaa Jensen Jon Tangaa Jensen Participant
1990 Mette Wiegell Mette Wiegell Participant
1989 Kresten Skak Kresten Skak 51 Bronze medal
1989 Claus Caroe Claus Caroe Participant
1989 Rikke Lolck Rikke Lolck Participant
1989 Morgens Larsen Morgens Larsen Participant
1988 Lars Salquist Lars Salquist 58 Bronze medal
1988 Christina Toennesen Christina Tönnesen Participant
1988 Kim Kristiansen Kim Kristiansen Participant
1988 Pernille Koefoed Pernille Koefoed Participant
1987 Soren Vagn Andersen Soren Vagn Andersen 47 Bronze medal
1987 Nicholas Kristensen Nicholas Kristensen Participant
1987 Lisanne Kragh Pedersen Lisanne Kragh Pedersen Participant
1987 Ken Museth Ken Museth Participant
1986 Karl Vejrup Karl Vejrup 48 Bronze medal
1986 Anne Mette Buhl Anne Mette Buhl Participant
1986 Ken Museth Ken Museth Participant
1986 Claus Bunkenborg Claus Bunkenborg Participant
1985 Jesper Lohse Jesper Lohse 56 Bronze medal
1985 Mette Riis Mette Riis 61 Bronze medal
1985 Karl Ventzel Vejrup Karl Ventzel Vejrup Participant
1984 Claus Nerlov Claus Nerlov 6 Gold medal
1984 Jesper Bendix Jesper Bendix 21 Silver medal
1984 Jesper Lohse Jesper Lohse Participant
1984 Anders Host-Madsen Anders Host-Madsen Participant
1983 Claus Nerlov Claus Nerlov 19 Silver medal
1983 Peter Bundgaard Peter Bundgaard 28 Bronze medal
1983 Troels Kjær Kjær Participant
1983 Per Vedsø Per Vedsø Participant
1982 Peter Bundgaard Peter Bundgaard 31 Bronze medal
1982 Kirstine Lintrup Kirstine Lintrup Participant
1982 Niels Birger Ramsing Niels Birger Ramsing Participant
1982 Lars Kobberø Skov Lars Kobberø Skov Participant
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